All About The Wedding Ang Bao Rates

Photo: Bridesmaid is very please with the ang bao amount.

As a guest attending a Chinese Wedding, you might be wondering how much ang bao to give to the couple, and the couple might wonder how much ang bao to prepare on their wedding day. It can be awkward to ask. So here’s a guide from asking a few experienced couples and elders.

  1. How much is the wedding ang bao market rates when you’re attending a wedding?

It depends in what country the reception is held or where the couples are from as the culture could be different.

In Singapore, there’s  a list of market rate for different restaurants/ballrooms where it’s something that is not that specific in Brunei. You can check the rates here if you’re attending a reception in Singapore so the couples won’t go “ha? why so little? Didn’t she check the market rate?” lol

In Malaysia, they are not that specific too like in Singapore. It depends on location, whether it’s a Chinese restaurant or a 5-star hotel, or if it’s a Garden Wedding. Click here for reference.

In Brunei, it’s almost the same as Malaysia’s. Most people here depend on how close you are with the couple. If you are besties, you can give SGD$90-500; if you are just friends, maybe around $20-100.

Wedding Ang Bao From Couple

  1. How much ang bao should I give to bridesmaid and groomsmen?

The amount you gift reflects on how appreciate you are for having the bridesmaid and groomsmen making your big day special. They might have invested their precious time in planning and helping out on your big day. Some friends might offer their service to do the emcee, performing or makeup. If they are not looking for a payment, you might want to give a bigger ang bao for those who offer their service on your wedding to show your appreciation. Suggested amount range from SGD$20-99.

2. My groom has given my bridesmaids ang pao during the gate crash. Do I still need to give the bridesmaid ang pao?

Not necessarily. Traditionally the bride’s parents would give ang pao to the bridesmaid to show appreciation and an indication of 顺顺利利。

Groom filled up the heart with ang bao.

3. How much should the groom prepare for the gate crash?

Along the gate crash challenges, bridesmaids would request for ang bao all the way to bride’s door in order to complete the challenges. Groom shall prepare a stack of various denomination of ang pao. Suggested amount SGD100-1000. Depends on the financial situation of the couples, the bridesmaid can give a hint beforehand of how much the groom should be prepared for. After all, we just wanna have fun instead of…”robbery”.

At the end of the tea ceremony, bridesmaids will normally split the ang pao equally.

Don’t forget to give an ang bao for the boy who opens the bridal car door, the officiant who conducts the tea ceremony and the little boy who jumps on your new bed.

Gate crash challenges.

 4. How many ang bao should the couple prepare on their wedding day?

Other than giving ang bao to groomsmen and bridesmaid, you might want to prepare ang bao for the vendors like makeup artist, decorator, the helpers, photographers etc, on top of the fees to show your appreciation and that you’re happy with their service.

Prepare extra ang bao because you never know who you missed out.

5. How much ang bao should the couple give during the tea ceremony?

Traditionally couple would need to give ang pao to the younger siblings and relatives when they serve tea to the couple. The ang bao tends to be in smaller amount like SGD$5-38. My mom said couple can give a bigger amount to siblings like around SGD100.


6. Who should keep the ang bao from the reception?

It depends on who paid for the reception. 769A9148.JPG

Team bride desperately catching the bouquet.


The amount suggested is just a guideline. It all depends on your financial situation and what you’re comfortable with. If you are quite well off, you certainly can offer more. If the wedding happens at outside country and the couple provide the guests with foods and accommodation, then ang bao to bridesmaid and groomsmen will not be necessary.

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